The 2BS of Yesteryear

Alan McRae from the Bathurst Historical Society was kind enough to send us these photos from their historical archive. Anyone know who’s in them? Times in the radio industry sure have changed, most of these look like something from a 50′s Sci-Fi movie! A fascinating look into your favourite station back in the day.


Living Legends Nominations

The search is on for Bathurst’s Living Legends. There are many individuals in the Bathurst community who have contributed to the great city in which we live. Here is our chance to recognise them as Living Legends during the Bicentenary.

The title, Living Legend, recognises the achievements of individuals and the way they have contributed positively to the local community. They could be proven leaders amongst their peers. They possess a drive to promote the positive qualities of council, the community and local businesses.


Mount Panorama Street Names


Mount Panorama’s history and tourism value shifts up a gear prior to this year’s Super Cheap Bathurst 1000 with the naming of 22 internal roads within Bathurst’s iconic racing circuit. As voted by over 550 racing fans locally and around the world (via Bathurst Regional Council’s official survey late last year) the most popular 22 names will now be permanently part of Mount Panorama’s history and visitor experience as a campsite area for officials and volunteers during major events at the circuit. In addition to the new internal roads, Council will rename the existing Twelfth Avenue Bathurst Avenue with plans to create plaques along the avenue to recognise significant contributions made by local individuals to Mount Panorama.

Newly named roads at Mount Panorama (located behind the Pit Complex) are: 

-        Brock Avenue                              - Doohan Avenue 
-        Lowndes Avenue                        - Sheene Avenue 
-        Johnson Avenue                         – Toombs Avenue 
-        Moffat Avenue                             – Goss Avenue 
-        Skaife Avenue                             – Bartlett Avenue 
-        Richards Avenue                         – Geoghegan Avenue 
-        Perkins Avenue                           – Jane Avenue 
-        Murphy Avenue                           – Bond Avenue 
-        Bowe Avenue                              - Ingall Avenue 
-        Seton Avenue                              - Firth Avenue 
-        Grice Avenue                               – Whincup Avenue


Michael Parkinson’s My Kind of Music

Michael Parkinson is joining the 2BS team! Britain’s most famous talk show host is bringing My Kind of Music to 2BS, a series on Parky’s favourite artists and musical genres.
Join him Sunday nights from 7pm on 1503 2BS Gold.